New feature: Keyword suggestions


DeepMeta v3.8 indroduces an exciting new way to discover appropriate keywords for your artwork: the Keyword Suggestion feature.

Check out the video below, which describes the new possibilities in detail.


DeepMeta just learned some new languages


DeepMeta is often lauded for being user friendly. A lot of users see it as their primary tool to interface with iStock/Getty.

We also realize there are large groups of users that find the use of the English language prohibitive. Being able to work in their native language makes all the difference.

Together with the iStock/Getty offices in Tokyo, we created a Japanese version of DeepMeta a few years ago. The response was overwhelming.

Today, we're pleased to announce that DeepMeta software is available in no less than 8 languages: English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Turkish, Dutch and Thai.

In the 10 years of its existence, DeepMeta has gathered enthusiasts from all over the world, but there appear to be some "hot spots" with high user concentration.

Here's the world map, showing DeepMeta user location. Darker colors mean more users.

The US and UK, Russia, Ukraine and Thailand are frontrunners, with Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Turkey and Serbia coming in close.

Some important languages are still missing, so if yours is not among the supported ones, don't worry: we have plans to expand the list with additional languages in the future.

If you'd like to help: contact us. The idea is to organize future translations using the idea of crowdsourcing, where users can help converting new content to their native language.

In this initial phase, we'll just evaluate the response and see how we can organize this. DeepMeta functionality is constantly evolving, so translations are an ongoing process.

We're accompanying this international release of DeepMeta with a brand-new website. It's mobile friendly, and packed with technology to assist the DeepMeta software with server-side functionality, planned for the future.

Best of all, the new website comes in 8 languages as well. Both DeepMeta software and the website can switch to different languages in real-time, without reload or restart:

  • For the site: select your language from the drop-down list at the top right. The page will switch to that language. Please note that not all content may be available in your language yet.
  • For DeepMeta software: We no longer need separate language releases, like we had for the Japanese version in the past. Just install v3.1 or higher, and choose your language in the "Preference" window of DeepMeta.

Now head over to the download page to grab the latest release. If you run into translations that you find weak and can improve: don't hesitate to let us know and suggest better ones.