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System requirements

Windows version

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Mac version

  • Mac OS X v10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Mac OS X v10.11 (El Capitan)
  • macOS v10.12 (Sierra)
  • macOS v10.13 (High Sierra)
  • (Mac OS X v10.9) (Mavericks) No longer supported. Latest version: v3.4.1 &
  • (Mac OS X v10.7) (Lion) & Mac OS X v10.8 (Mountain Lion) No longer supported. Latest versions: v3.0.23 (English) & v3.0.24 (Japanese)

Latest changes & Version history

Changes in v3.9.1 (July 13, 2018)

  • More accurate and faster portfolio import for certain types of users.
  • Filtering releases is now possible: type the release filename (or part of the filename) in the top right search box in the Release section.
  • Fix: clicking on a thumbnail of a file that's not active yet, did not take you to the batch. This only worked for active files; not it works for all.
  • Fix - macOS: Upload section now shows only upload-related events in its history list, while the Sync section shows only sync-related events.

Changes in v3.9.0 (July 12, 2018)

  • DeepMeta allows for slower server response when fetching royalty statements. Some users experienced timeouts when the Getty server was slow at responding.
  • More types of XMP/IPTC data recognized in video files
  • A new "Boards" section was added. Boards (called "lightboxes on the old iStock site") allow you to create and manage collections of images, illustrations and video. Both and have this functionality.
    DeepMeta allows you to import these boards and use them for statistics on groups of your files. Create boards at and/or and populate them with your own images, using the search functionality of the site.
    When syncing in DeepMeta: tick the "Fetch Boards" checkbox to fetch your boards from the iStock and/or Getty Images website. Make sure to enter your iStock or Getty credentials in Preferences (which now has 3 sections).
    Functionality to create and manage boards from within DeepMeta is planned for the future, but currently only import is provided.
  • Preferences now has 3 sections for credentials. These allow entering credentials for and in addition to the ESP credentials.
    These logins are used for fetching your Boards (called "lightboxes" on the old iStock site) from and respectively.
  • New statistics preview panels for Batches, Files, Keywords, Statements, Sales and Boards. In the right-hand preview pane: click the "$" icon for list-based statistics, and the "bar-chart" icon for charts.
    Select one or more items in the list to view stats for these items.
  • All Statistics sections now remember all choices and settings you make to the charts.
  • Statistics now recognize new Product types, Collections and countries
  • Statistics: new metrics added for bar and pie charts: "Sales year" and "Royalty year". Also, besides Royalty ("$") and Downloads ("DL"), you can now choose to show Royalty Per Download ("RPD")
  • You can now pick up uploads made from the Getty contributor app (if not already submitted): just sync DeepMeta, edit metadata (title, keywords) and submit.
  • Uploads made from the Getty contributor app can now get releases assigned in DeepMeta (if not already submitted): just sync DeepMeta, add releases and submit.
  • Selecting multiple batches in the Batch section will show total counts in the right-hand preview pane (this worked in earlier versions, but somehow disappeared from v3.8.6 onwards). Zoom slider now works live.
  • Keywords now limited to 49 instead of 50 (country also counts as a keyword). This is conform with the current Getty specifications.
  • Better support for Getty users. Stats and portfolio fetch supported, uploads not (yet) supported.
  • File preview pane now shows Review notes if the file is rejected or revisable
  • The Width and Height in pixels of an image is now also fetched from ESP.
  • Files with extension .jpeg can now also be dropped onto DeepMeta to have them added to the current batch. (only .jpg extensions were recognized up to now for image files)
  • Sync now (finally) has its own main section, separate from the Upload section.
  • Sync: the right-hand preview pane will show some additional info after a sync (for some types of sync, like Portfolio sync)
  • Sync section: New "Fetch portfolio" check-box: will fetch / complete your portfolio data when ticked. In addition, it will verify for each active file in DeepMeta whether it's available at the iStock and/or Getty sites.
    Please note that this is an experimental feature. For some users, no files are reported as published on the Getty site, even though they actually are (just the API does not return them)
  • A new column, named "Published" can be added to the File list. It shows the current publication status of your files, at the iStock and/or Getty site. It is updated after each Sync (with "Fetch portfolio and availability" option checked).
  • New columns 'RecentViews' and 'RecentInteractions' now also available for the Keyword and Board sections (already existed for the File and Batch sections)
  • The file detail window now shows an icon for the type (Editorial, Video, Image, ...) as well as the batch name and file name (all at the bottom left of the window)
  • File preview pane now shows filename only (for clarity), instead of full file path. The full path can still be seen by hovering over the filename.
  • Statistics: Charts no longer show "connect" sales. Doing this was confusing for charts in the File preview panel, if they only had "connect" sales. These types of sales don't count as downloads.
  • New popup menu option for File, Reviews, Sales and Upload lists: "Go to batch": will switch to the File section (if not already open) and select the batch of the clicked file as active batch
  • Most preview thumbs now link to the relevant section when clicked. (same function as "Go to batch")
  • Fix - macOS: switching from Upload section to another one and back now properly updates all fields (counts & history list)
  • Fix - Windows: PDF model releases are now again supported, just like they were on the Mac version
  • Fix for status of the last file submitted not being marked as submitted under rare conditions
  • Fix: work-around for a recent server issue where the Getty API only returns the last keyword for a vocabulary search. Getty is aware of the issue, but this version of DeepMeta is able to use an alternative method to look up the keywords, as a fallback method

Changes in v3.8.7 (April 6, 2018)

  • File details panel: when clicking one of the suggested terms (to add it as keyword), holding the SHIFT key down, the term will be added and then the box (with remaining suggestions) is removed. This allows for more efficient keywording if only one of the terms applies to your keyword.
  • Windows: fixed display issue in File details form, where user could not scroll to keywords at bottom of the list. (depending on screen settings and resolution)
  • New columns can be added: Files: "RPD" (Revenue Per DL), Batch: "Active" (Number of active files), "RPD" (Revenue Per DL), "RPI" (Revenue Per Image) and "STR" (Sell Through Ratio: percentage of files in batch sold at least once)
  • Statistics: top row chart now sorts bars properly by date. The Area chart is now shown as a bar chart for more clarity. We may make this optional in the future.
  • Import of portfolio is now capable to fetch all video files as well (images were already fetched, along with a small subset of videos)
  • Fix for wrong display of some keywords when running in Turkish locale
  • Small fix in display of File Nomination column: now shows solid star if in S+ collection, regardless of whether it was nominated or not
  • The pixel size of Raster Illustrations and Previews of Vector Illustrations are now checked to be of valid max pixel size.
  • Changes to batch names are now immediately reflected in the top batch selection list
  • The option "Re-import file" is now also available if a file is in the "To resubmit" state. Previous versions only allowed this if the file was in the "Revisable" state.
  • Sync: if a file is reported as "Active" by ESP, by was (soft-) deleted by the user, then the deletion is undone. This makes sure the user gets to see their full portfolio of active files, and they are not accidentally hidden (by having the "deleted" flag set)
  • Windows: Sales section: fixed Upload date column for the Sales list. (was not showing any dates)
  • Mac: Fix for display issue / formatting of Batch preview pane on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Mac: Sales section: Sorting sales by upload date now much faster

Changes in v3.8.6 (March 21, 2018)

  • Mac: new updates are now installed by a package installer, which will automatically place the program in the Applications folder. The program is now called "DeepMeta" instead of "DeepMeta 3". If you still have v2 of DeepMeta and want to keep it, first rename it to e.g. "DeepMeta 2". See also (click the Mac icon to see the macOS version of the instructions)
  • Windows: From now on, the program is called "DeepMeta" in the start menu, instead of "DeepMeta 3". It can still co-exist with the old version 2 of DeepMeta if you chose not to uninstall it.
  • When a new version of DeepMeta is available, clicking the link "New version available" will now automatically launch the installer, instead of opening the browser window for downloading the update. Same for the equivalent button on "Preferences", "Software Updates"
  • Statistics: Default grouping is now "Sales by month". Area chart is now also shown by default
  • Statistics: Additional product types and collections now recognized
  • File list: Nomination column now shows Star outline icon (nominated), Solid star icon (nomination accepted) or Half filled star icon (nomination not accepted)
  • Missing thumbnails are now detected and downloaded in the background
  • Mac: list selections are cleared after a delete, so that no other items inadvertently become selected

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